Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions asked by our users. We recommend new users to read these to familiarize themselves with how BitLyTop works.

About BitLyTop

LINK18 is a shortened link that pays part of advertising revenue to users bringing traffic to shortened URLs.
Is not. At any time, BitLyTop will not ask you for any money.

frequently asked Questions

Rates vary according to the country of origin. The rates for every 1000 clicks can be found on the Payout Rates page. The rest of the visits paid is depending on the level of advertiser availability to pay for a particular country.
Starting in the new month, the income will be reset to 0đ because the system only takes data from the beginning of the month, to review the income of the previous month, please select the month to view, the income will be accumulated until when reaching the payment threshold.
We only take a very small percentage of commissions to keep the service running smoothly without interruption. We guarantee to receive the best advertisers bidding for your traffic and with the help of our algorithms, we will be able to make the most of people's traffic. use.
Users who have not yet signed up for shortened links will not be able to add money, only registered users can earn money. Visitors must be unique within 24 hours. Visitors must turn on JavaScript. Visitors must enable Cookies. Must see the website for at least 15 seconds.
Income is proportional to your traffic. The more effective your strategy is to bring in more visitors, the more income you will earn. The ability to income depends on the amount of traffic through your shortened links.
For each user you refer to BitLyTop, we will pay you 10% of their total income forever. The person you refer will still receive 100% of the income.
In the Introduction section, you can find pre-created referral links to place them on your website / blog or share them anywhere.


We can pay scratch cards to you via gmail, phone number, or PayPal. To request payment of scratch card minimum balance is 5$ in your account. For bank transfer payments, the minimum amount is 5$.
To receive payment, your account must provide full details.
When you request payment from the Payments section, your traffic will be verified and your payment will be sent to the payment processing department. We would love to confirm and send payment within 24 hours, but it may take up to 2 business days.

General rules

You cannot click on your own link to make money. You can simply click on your shortened links to check if they work.
Yes, here we do not prohibit links to pornographic sites
No, links BitLyTop cannot be opened in popup or iframe. Visitors must open your shortened link by clicking directly on it.
There is no limit on the number of users who can register from the same computer, however, if you are using the same internet connection, each account cannot be introduced to each other.